Rainbough Phillips – Web Dev

That is me. I am actually on my 3rd career. Many years ago I started my career as a graphic design intern while I was a student at the University of Georgia. However, after several years in the field I took a bit of a detour. I spent nearly a decade as a massage therapist including five years running my own massage therapy and yoga studio. Around 2010 I started thinking about what I wanted to do next.

I had been one of those kids who learned to program on an old macintosh computer with a floppy disk that said “basic” on it. Later on, I built my first website with Netscape, Photoshop, and a basic text editor. As I realized that my passion for massage was beginning to wane, I spent several years trying to figure out what that next thing was. Specifically, I wanted to know what it was that massage therapy just wasn’t quite giving me that I needed.

That exploration involved a return to the science degree I had started at UGA years before. I spent another few years investigating nearly every major topic in science. As a kid I had always assumed I would become an astronomer or physicist. So three years later I had an associates degree in chemistry, and was trying to decide whether to finish my degree up in chemistry or math. To make my rather long story short, I found a boot camp program in Austin (Makersquare) that taught me web development and I finished my bachelor’s degree in math shortly thereafter.

The decision to enter a boot camp had been a bit of a hail Mary, for me. I still loved science but I was discovering that academic research science really didn’t feel like the right direction for me. I tended to love the problem solving, but not the hours of meticulous lab work. Makersquare was a new program that was just about to launch its first cohort, and I thought why not?

Suddenly my long time hobbies of dabbling in programming, and dabbling on the web became my career. I have loved it ever since.

My first web dev employment gave me the opportunity to work with multiple different frameworks including python/flask with dust.js, ruby-on-rails, and Meteor.js.


Currently, I build websites using Drupal (PHP), jQuery, JavaScript, and the occasional vue 2.0 component. My employer specializes in building accessible websites for financial institutions. Drupal is a framework much like WordPress, that allows for extensive customization of the administrative interface, including elaborate moderation, and customized workflows for website content management.

As a developer, I am always looking for ways to improve. Right now, that means finding ways to write code that is simpler, cleaner, more maintainable, and more readable.




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