My overflowing brain

Maybe, I am trying to learn too much at once. I have in the past month installed ruby, python, several editors, ruby on rails, and now the google app engine. Long ago when I was working with c I installed a linux virtual machine that has its own development environment installed. I guess I am just accustomed to the more classic programming approach of text editor meets command line prompt meets compilers and run. Anyhow, my brain feels a little stuffed with all the new 3-4 letter thisses and thats I have been coming across. Some of them are familiar like URL, http, api, and ide. Some are not: SDK, yaml… come to think of it what is api… application program interface… something like that. I’m just going to keep reminding myself: “I can do organic chemistry spectroscopy problems like nobody’s business, I can do this too.” 

I feel like I am barely touching on a subject before I am submerged in the next though. I know this is the time of working and understanding the basics/ the pre-work stage, but I kind of really want to dive into something and make something happen.